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Type: System.Collections.Generic.List<OverworldNode>

A list of connections that, when any have a "maxDifficultyCompleted" above 0, allow a node to determine whether it should be active.

Is Only Visible In Editor

Type: bool

A field to determine whether or not a node can only be shown in the editor.

Is User Sortie

Type: bool

Used by CUIMissionSelectMenu to show overworld node info. While not seen in-game, it's likely that this may have been for an in-game level designer.

Sortie Template

Type: SortieTemplate

Sorties and missions are interchangeable words in this game's context. This class defines the mission data and metadata.

Json Data

Type: LitJson.JsonData

Apparently used for user sorties. Users could upload missions as JSON files to the game. A string variable, "jsonDataPath," points to the file on the hard disk.


Type: int

A seed for the daily challenge, which is set automatically if the sortie template has the boolean "useDailyLeaderboardSeed" set to true.

Is Overworld Root

Type: bool

When starting the game, this node will always show regardless of completion, and will show up in the static property "overworldRoot." Multiple overworld roots can cause unexpected behavior, since the organization of "allNodes" is unknown

Prerequisite Node

Type: OverworldNode

The node required to unlock this. Never set; likely vestige and fazed out in favor of the linked list.

All Nodes

Type: static System.Collections.Generic.LinkedList<OverworldNode>

A list of all overworld nodes in-game.

Max Difficulty Completed

Type: int


A property that shows the highest difficulty the mission has been completed at. Cannot be set lower than its current value.

Max Bonus Objective Completed

Type: int


A property that shows the highest difficulty a bonus objective has been obtained on. Cannot be set lower than its current value.

Has Flagship Been Killed

Type: bool


A property that shows whether or not the traitor flagship has been killed.

Is Active

Type: bool


A property to show whether or not this node is active, based on multiple factors. True if:

  • The sortie template is not set (user sortie)
  • The node is the overworld root
  • Completed difficulty is greater than or equal to 0
  • More than one connection has a completed difficulty greater than or equal to 0

False if:

  • "isOnlyVisibleInEditor" is set
  • "prerequisiteNode" is set and the completed difficulty is below 0
  • No condition was satisfied